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Wheel Alignment

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Wheel Alignment Leeds

Looking for wheel alignment in Leeds? At Performance Tyres Leeds, we are pleased to now be able to offer 2 or 4 wheel alignment using the our brand new Hofmann Advanced 6CCD Wheel Aligner equipment.

We can accurately check your cars wheel alignment – just book for wheel alignment at our Leeds workshop

Alloy Wheels are known for excellence in customer service, which is evident in our 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook. We offer wheel alignment checks in our workshop which is equipped with superior and brand new equipment, with sensors and aligners that help us to complete an accurate alignment reading and an efficient service. In addition, our tyre and wheel technicians are fully trained in industry best practices and can identify faults in the wheel alignment on any vehicle with precision.

2 and 4 Wheel Alignment

We provide both 4 and 2-wheel alignment in Leeds – whichever vehicle you drive, we have got you covered for all-wheel tracking requirements. This includes Van wheel alignment.

2 Wheel Alignment – 2 wheel alignment is ideal for cars that operate on front or rear-wheel drive. Applicable for vehicles with a non-adjustable rear.

4 Wheel Alignment – We provide 4-wheel alignment for cars that have a fully adjustable multi-linked suspension.

Warning Signs Of Mis-Aligned Wheels

Some warning signs that indicate the wheels of your car are not properly aligned could be:

  • A sudden drop in mileage
  • Increased wear on the tyres
  • An uneven tread wear
  • The car pulls to one side when driving straight
  • The steering wheel is not centred
  • Juddering on the steering wheel
  • Poor performance when braking

Visit to us for comprehensive assistance if you are experiencing any of these issues on your car or van and book in for wheel alignment today. Please visit our other website to find our many tyre performance services (performance tyres Leeds).